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There are endless opportunities for you to sell our wonderful jewellery. However, the most common is: Home Showings!

Home Showings
Simple WaysHome Showings are fun for everyone and the most popular way of selling Amante Jewellery in a relaxed environment. The hostess will invite people, usually friends, family, associates, acquaintances, neighbours or if held as a fundraiser "everyone". These showings can be held either at the home of the hostess, an office or business location.

As the independent consultant, you will display your own Amante Jewellery range. All your guests should be welcomed by you to shop, browse, mix and mingle. This is meant to be hands on shopping experience for all guests in a relaxed atmosphere with personal service and attention.

As the guests shop, you as the consultant take the orders. These orders once completed are then shipped directly to you. As the consultant you package and distribute the individual orders to the hostess. Items can be distributed directly to the hostess if full payment is collected.

This is meant to be a simple and fun shopping experience for everyone. As the consultant, you earn a minimum of 20% commission on all personal retail sales and the hostess gets the chance to earn some very generous rewards!

Home Showings allow you to keep costs and overheads at a minimum.
When you are selling through home showings, you only have one major cost - your time. Instead of paying rent for retail space to sell your jewellery, you agree to let your party hostess select Amante Jewellery in exchange for hosting the party, where all your sales are made.

Home Showings allow you to use contacts you already have.
If you have friends and acquaintances interested in jewellery, whether they just want a few new styles to add to their collection or looking for great gifts, you already have many potential customers and hostesses.

Home Showings allow you to set your own schedule.
Match your business to your own life schedule. You simply schedule the showings as you have time to work them. Many of our sales professionals even work full time jobs through the week and hold parties at nights or on weekends.

Home Showings allow you to sell to customers who are ready to buy your products.
Your guests will know that you have jewellery to sell, so they will come looking specifically for unique or new pieces - all you have to do is show them through the fantastic range at the best possible prices. Of course, you have the support of the full range of jewellery available through the Amante website for your customers to select from.

The possibilities for sales are endless!

Remember - People love to shop!

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